Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm back....

Well I'm back!!!  I will be honest and say I've not done the first bit of exercise or ate right since my last post.  I have come to realize food is my comfort....when I'm up or's a constant in my life when everything else seems to not be.   However saying that I've also realized this past week if I don't do something about my weight I'm looking at the possibility of some major health problems down the road.  I want to get healthy for ME...not a man, or for cute clothes or for any attention....I just want a better way of life.  I get winded just walking to the mailbox and back....which isn't a long distance.  

So having said all that I've joined Weight Watchers online.  I've always went to meeting, but with my work schedule it's hard for me to do that now.  I'm setting goals this time that are reachable and know its a day by day process.

I want to say a BIG thank you to my dear friend Kim Love!!!  She has been such an encouragement me.....during my ups and downs with this ride.  She has been my cheerleader even when I wasn't on program to get back and try again.   Seeing her loose and how great she looks and I know she feels has really motivated me to get back up on the weight loss horse and try this again and this time for the right reasons. 

I looking forward to sharing with ya'll each day the good and the bad.  I will try to post pics of what I eat....I so enjoy seeing everyone else's! 

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!



  1. Aww Shay your to kind! I appreciate the kind words! I know you can be successful!! Start slow and just take it one minute at a time! I'm so excited you are doing WW online. That will be a great tool for you to track your progress! I'm here rooting you on!!! Go Shay!!!

  2. Love the new blog look!
    Welcome to the club of diet yo-yo's. Ugh. LOL. I bought one of my Leslie Sansone videos at Wal-Mart. I get the kinds that don't have stretchy bands or anything with them... just walking. Then I got the rest off I just order one when I'm ordering something else for them, and that way I qualify for the free shipping. Love doing workouts in my PJs in my own home! ;)