Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a rainy Tuesday in TN

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I didn't loose anything this week, but I didn't gain so I will take that!    I had dinner with a friend last night at Olive Garden usually when I go out I always have sprite.  I ordered water instead this time one because of it's cheaper and two I enjoyed my meal so much more because I wasn't bloated on a carbinated beverage.

I was talking to my friend last night and told her of all my woes of the weekend and how I had been dealing with anger about stuff.  So she sat there patiently for awhile and listened to me go on and on.  Finally she spoke up and said, Shayla I know how you feel, I've been there to.  But what she said next I didn't expect....She shared with me about a testimony from a dear sweet Godly lady, Sister Evelyn Cape.  She was at my friend's church recently and was testifying that that morning she had a great big pity party...she said and you know what the Lord didn't show up for it.  It kept him away.  She said but the devil sure showed up.   She said once she realized her mood was getting worse and worse she stopped and starting thanking the Lord for her blessings....she said it wasn't to long until the Lord showed up and met with her.   She also said the self pity is a sin!!!!   When my friend said that it felt like someone had slapped me in the face!!!  If I had not been in the resturant I would have broken down, not from being mad, but from being convicted.  Because I can have some awesome pitty parties!!!     My biggest thing is being single and not feeling complete because of that.  But my friend told me.....Shayla we all have something in our lives that the devil will use to keep us discouraged, because when we are discouarged we are of no use to the Lord or his work.

I can complain all day and be mad and angry at God that I'm not married, don't have children, and the list goes on....but I also know people that are married and have children that are not any happier than I am.   True happiness can only come from the Lord.....and when we are happy in HIM, then the life we are living single or married, children or no children we can find contentment in the season we are in.   This may not mean anything to anyone else but I sure needed to hear it because of where I'm at right now.  Will I still have pity parties oh I'm sure, but this conversation will remind me what self pity is from now on.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!



  1. Boy, don't we all have them. And don't they make us so miserable? And then I take my frustration out on my husband and the kids. And you are right, being married wouldn't suddenly make you happy. Once you came down off that high, a whole new set of problems would appear. There is always something to keep us hindered. Sis. Cape is such a blessing. I can't imagine what a wealth of wisdom she is!

  2. I had my own pity party this week. I was completely miserable thinking about all I had to get done. I woke up in the morning thinking what's the use? I was finally convicted that I needed to rely on God for strength to do the things he wanted me to get done and let go of the other things. I was much happy after that, even though my list still isn't completed. My biggest problem is that I have to relearn this lesson every couple of weeks. I'm so quick to forget!